A specific process

From a simple sketch we create a form which will be drawn on patronage, a guide for cutting the leather. We sew pieces together then its for this rod. This is then mounted carefully on the form which then reveals her curves reflected. It then remains to assemble the sole and heel for a nice base that reveals its true nature in the hands of the finisher. The pampering handmade is an essential step in achieving a quality shoe materials that make up the shoes.

A choice of quality materials

The search for leather for the exterior lining and soles is a perpetual work. We constantly strive to be different. Innovative, processing materials unique design challenged constantly, is the secret of Generation J.A.K.. The stylistic and technical innovation and the proper relationship between quality and price are the symbols of our society. We are proud of the quality of our shoes entirely made in Spain, in Alicante, in the Albacete region marked by its expertise in the traditional ancestral world of shoes.